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Chatty Factories: a showcase of developing work
University of Nottingham, 9th January 2020


We would like to invite you to attend our showcase of the work emerging from the Chatty Factories research project and help inform the shape of our final products. We are also actively seeking industrial partners for case studies to apply the
developing methods and technologies and demonstrate further proof of concept.
The research explores the opportunity to embed sensors in products in order to collect real-time data on their treatment after they have left their factory of origin and whilst they are in the hands of their end user; consider how that data on actual use might be immediately transferred into practical information to optimise and produce innovative designs; and reflect on what type of manufacturing models might offer the most efficient way to quickly absorb that new information
and implement change on the factory floor. The project will also consider any implications arising for skills development in the education sector as well as ethics in manufacturing. Further details about the overall project objectives and the five areas of research are available at

This is an opportunity to engage and collaborate with academics developing technology for next-generation design and manufacturing processes and network with manufacturers who are interested in the same. Register for the event BY 12TH DECEMBER at : Click here


This seminar is particularly targeted at professionals from the manufacturing sector interested in the potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) to inform manufacturing systems and particularly design processes. We also welcome academic experts with an interest in the application of IoT to the manufacturing industry.
Background to the project The Chatty Factories project is a three-year research project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) through its programme for New Industrial Systems. The project is being led by Cardiff University in collaboration with the Universities of Edinburgh; Essex; Lancaster and Nottingham. The research is exploring the transformative potential of placing data driven systems at the core of manufacturing processes, with the aim of increasing competitive advantage for UK PLC by offering greater opportunities to innovate and reducing time to market. It maps directly onto the Government’s AI sector deal released in April 2018 that promotes academic-industry partnerships to
deliver innovations arising from new uses of data and artificial intelligence.


Seminar details:

9th January 2020 – Room C11, Advanced Manufacturing Building, University of Nottingham, 522 Derby Rd, Nottingham
NG8 1BB.


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